blog integration: the board generator tool

This is the opera game, a famous chess game played in 1858 between the American chess master Paul Morphy and two strong amateurs, the German noble Duke Karl of Brunswick and the French aristocrat Count Isouard, who consulted, playing together as partners against Morphy.

The game is often used by chess teachers to demonstrate the importance of rapidly developing one's pieces, as well as other lessons.

The chessboard widget showing the game on the left has been added using the same iframe technique as the previous post and the new addition to the the pgn4web family: the board generator tool.

The board generator tool provides a web interface for interactively and easily adding chessboards to your blog. You just need to cut and paste in your blog an HTML statement automatically generated by the pgn4web board generator. There is no need to host files, pictures or script anywhere, the pgn4web board generator does everything for you!

Also note that every chessboard square is now an input button; just click the square G8 for more details.

Have fun using pgn4web in your blog!