games archives for the London chess classic

The 8th London chess classic runs from the 7th to the 19th December 2016. The main tournament is the final event of the grand chess tour 2016, featuring GM Fabiano Caruana, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, GM Vladimir Kramnik, GM Levon Aronian, GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Wesley So, GM Viswanathan Anand, GM Anish Giri, GM Veselin Topalov and GM Michael Adams. Next to the main tournament, a chess festival, a chess conference and free school chess events are taking place.

pgn4web is used for games archives for the main event and for the festival events including the FIDE open, the super rapidplay and the weekend opens.


Moscow team championship live games

The 2016 Moscow team championship runs from October 18th till November 6th; participants include GM Boris Grachev and GM Boris Savchenko. pgn4web is used for live games broadcast.


live games and archives at the Swedish team championship

The 2016/17 Swedish team championship started on October 14th, organized by the Swedish chess federation, with ten team competing for the national title. Top players include GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, GM Baadur Jobava, GM Georg Meier and GM Niels Grandelius.

pgn4web is used for games broadcast with a live fullscreen view, a live view for mobile devices and a live multi-board view.

pgn4web is also used for archived games display.


French championship live games

The French championship takes place in Agen from August 13th to 21st. Over 800 participants compete in eight different tournaments. The national titles are awarded in two 10 player round-robin tournaments. Besides reigning champion GM Christian Bauer the competition includes GM Laurent Fressinet, GM Edouard Romain, GM Tigran Gharamian, GM Sebastien Maze and GM Sebastien Feller.

pgn4web is used for live games broadcast and games archive: the main live view integrates the video streaming commentaries and the pgn4web engine analysis module; a mobile live view is optimized for the small screens of mobile phones and tablets; an accessible live view is designed for visually impaired users.

The games display uses the portal for chess events setup by the French chess federation and shows the latest improvements and additions to the platform. The customizations for visually impaired users are publicly available from their developers at the dedicated source repository.


custom live views at the French team championship

The final stage of the French team championship take places from May 28th to June 8th in Darcy. The top 12 teams compete for the national championship in matches with eight players each. Top players include GM Anish Giri, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, GM David Navara, GM Dimitri Jakovenko, GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek and GM Etienne Bacrot.

pgn4web is used for live games broadcast: the main custom live view integrates the video streaming commentaries and the pgn4web engine analysis module; a separate multiple boards custom live view allows following several games in parallel. A game archive view is provided to browse games from earlier rounds, also integrating the pgn4web engine analysis module. Please note how easily those custom views add coordinates around the pgn4web chessboard. The custom views based on pgn4web are part of a portal for chess events setup by the French chess federation.


games for news articles at the Hasselbacken open

The Stockholm's chess society celebrates its 150 years jubilee with an open tournament at the Hasselbacken hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. The Hasselbacken open runs from April 30th till May 8th with more than 300 players, of which more than 30 GM. Top players include GM Dmitry Andreikin, GM Alexei Shirov, GM Zoltan Almasi, GM Evgeny Postny, GM Ilia Smirin, GM Baskaran Adhiban, GM Vladislav Tkachiev, GM Sethuraman Panayappan Sethuraman, GM Borki Predojevic, GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, GM Krishnan Sasikiran, GM Sandro Mareco, GM Axel Bachmann, GM Vladimir Onischuk, GM Konstantin Landa , GM Sébastien Mazé and GM Benjamin Bok.


live games at the Hungarian team championship

The Hungarian national team championship ended on April 17th with the victory of the Aquaprofit NTSK team that included top players such as GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Zahar Efimenko, GM Csaba Balogh, GM Ivan Ivanisevic, GM Viktor Erdős, GM Luka Lenic, GM Róbert Márkus, GM Péter Prohászka, GM Zoltán Ribli, GM Constantin Lupulescu, GM József Pintér, GM Tamás Bánusz, GM Zoltán Medvegy and GM András Flumbort.

Live games have been broadcasted from the site of the Hungarian chess federation using a custom live view based on pgn4web. The Hungarian chess federation also uses the wordpress.org plugin from pgn4web to display chess games on their blog.