live broadcasting of chess events

pgn4web can be used for live broadcasting of chess games.

http://pgn4web-live.casaschi.net will occasionally broadcast live major chess events.

See below an demo simulation of the live broadcasting functionality.
In this example the board is updated every 15 seconds and a random number of new moves (from 0 to 3) is added to each game at every update.
Please note the size of the live broadcast demo page is optimized for small displays as with smartphones, but be careful with wireless data usage due to the constant refresh of the PGN games.

These are the games from round two of the 1998 Tilburg Fontys tournament; I watched those games live in Tilburg, when Kramnik almost created a masterpiece!

Read the detailed instructions how to live broadcast chess games on your site as shown in the example above. Also read how the pgn4web board widget can be used for live games broadcasting.