live games at the Hungarian team championship

The Hungarian national team championship ended on April 17th with the victory of the Aquaprofit NTSK team that included top players such as GM Arkadij Naiditsch, GM Zahar Efimenko, GM Csaba Balogh, GM Ivan Ivanisevic, GM Viktor Erdős, GM Luka Lenic, GM Róbert Márkus, GM Péter Prohászka, GM Zoltán Ribli, GM Constantin Lupulescu, GM József Pintér, GM Tamás Bánusz, GM Zoltán Medvegy and GM András Flumbort.

Live games have been broadcasted from the site of the Hungarian chess federation using a custom live view based on pgn4web. The Hungarian chess federation also uses the wordpress.org plugin from pgn4web to display chess games on their blog.