Tata steel chess games archives

The 79th Tata steel chess tournament takes place in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands from January 14th to 29th. The tournament has two main events, each with 14 players: the Tata steel masters and the Tata steel challengers. The Tata steel masters includes GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Wesley So, GM Sergey Karjakin, GM Lev Aronian, GM Anish Giri, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, GM Pentala Harikrishna, GM Pavel Eljanov, GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek, GM Dmitri Andreikin, GM Wei Yi, GM Richard Rapport, GM Loek van Wely and GM Baskaran Adhiban. The Tata steel challengers includes GM Markus Ragger, GM Ilia Smirin, GM Jeffrey Xiong, GM Gawain Jones, GM Nils Grandelius, GM Shanglei Lu, GM Jorden van Forest, GM Benjamin Bok, GM Erwin l'Ami and GM Eric Hansen.

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