live games and commentaries for the French championship

The French championship takes place in Agen from August 19th to 27th. Over 800 participants compete in nine different tournaments. A 10 player round-robin tournament awards the national title: players include GM Etienne Bacrot, GM Christian Bauer, GM Laurent Fressinet, GM Tigran Gharamian, GM Sebastien Maze, GM Matthieu Cornette and GM Maxime Lagarde.

The main live view integrates video streaming commentaries, with commentators using a pgn4web chessboard enhanced by the pgn4web engine analysis module in order to explore variations for the spectators; a mobile live view is optimized for the small screens of mobile phones and tablets; an accessible live view is designed for visually impaired users.

The games display uses the portal for chess events, setup and maintained by the French chess federation. The customizations for visually impaired users are publicly available from their developers at the dedicated source repository.