search tool

Latest addition to pgn4web is a search tool: clicking on square B5 invokes a search box to look for games. The board will automatically display the next game matching the search pattern, either in the header, moves or comments. Clicking on square C5 repeats the last search. Clicking on the square A5 repeats the last search backward.

You can search for a plain text or or for a regular expression. Examples of searches you can try with the miniatures above:

Alekhine = search for Alekhine's games

White\s*\"Euwe = search for games with Euwe as White

Date(?!\s*"1923") = search for games with date other than 1923

ECO\s*\"C5[0-9] = search for all games with the Italian opening (note ECO tag present in these PGN games)

For more information about the search tool, refer to the pgn4web search tool wiki page or click square E8 for help.

Have fun using pgn4web on your site!