live games at the Portuguese national team championship

The Portuguese chess federation is organizing the 2014/2015 Portuguese national team championship running in Matosinhos from August 16th to August 22nd, 2015.
10 teams compete in a round-robin tournament: AA Coimbra, Santoantoniense FC, GD Dias Ferreira, ADRC Mata de Benfica, GX Porto, AX Gaia, AEJ S. Joao de Madeira, CX Montemor-o-Velho, FC Barreirense and CX A2D. Top seed players are the members of AX Gaia GM Eduardo Iturrizaga Bonelli (2625) and GM Sergei Tiviakov (2611).

pgn4web is used for live games optimized for mobile devices: a live fullscreen view is provided as well a live multi-board view that takes advantage of the recently introduced layout optimization for team events.