live games and archives for the Turkish team championship

The 2019 Isbank Turkish super league is a 13-round all-play-all team tournament taking place in Ankara, Turkey from July 17th to 28th. The 14 teams compete in matches over 6 boards, with top players including GM Evgeny Tomashevsky, GM Ernesto Inarkiev, GM Alireza Firouzj To, GM Vasyli Ivanchuk, GM Ivan Sarici, GM Yuriy Kuzubov, GM Anton Demchenko, GM Kirill Alekseenko, GM Rauf Mamedov, GM Nijat Abasov, GM Vasif Durarbayli, GM Martyn Kravtsiv, GM Andrey Esipenko, GM Mustafa Yilmaz, GM Sarin Nihal and GM Eltaj Safarli.

pgn4web is used for live games broadcasts and for game archives; a customized board widget from the Turkish chess federation shows live games from each match.