pgn4web 10 years anniversary

On July 5th pgn4web celebrates the 10 year anniversary.

10 years ago the pgn4web project started providing an open source javascript based chessboard when the most popular chessboard website widgets relied on adobe's flash or oracle's java. The support of the PGN standard made it possible to use readily available chess games.

The project most successful feature is certainly the live broadcasting of chess games, allowing for an alternative to the then popular chess widget from DGT based on adobe's flash; the ability to show live chessboards on those mobile devices that would not support the adobe's flash technology pushed the pgn4web software adoption to a large number of events including the 2012 Istambul chess olympiads and the 2013 London candidates tournament.

The seamless integration with popular web platforms such as the wordpress.org portal and the phpbb forum made it very easy for both professional and amateur websites to display interactive chessboards, with worldwide adoption from chess professionals, national chess federations, chess clubs and chess fans.

Thanks to everyone using pgn4web!